Monday, July 23, 2012

The First Day...

So here begins the first of what might be many posts or might really just be the worst random idea I've ever had...Not to hate on blogs but, in general, when it comes to scheduled activities (exercise, I guess being the best example), I impulsively begin, thinking, hey, this is a great idea. A week of forcing myself to buckle down and do what I said I was going to do later, I inevitably...well, fail. Miserably. Like eat a box of Tagalongs in one thirty minute sitting miserably. Or in the case of this blog, never write on it ever again and go back to reading other people's blogs, thinking I wish I could do something like this. True story- it could absolutely happen.
However, at the moment, I am completely enamored with the idea of blogging.
To start with, a lot of people have a point when they start a blog. I am here to tell you that I have absolutely no point to this blog. It is basically my way of (probably unwisely) flinging my thoughts out into the internet universe and sharing them with everybody- whether everybody wants to hear them or not. However, I can absolutely say that there will be basic trends- books, music, movies, baking, random thoughts. Those are the major reasons why I started this. You may be staring at the screen (which if you've even gotten this far, I salute and thank you because I probably would have stopped reading like one sentence in) going, everybody writes on that. True. However, I come with a clever, sarcastic wit (not so clever but a girl can dream), some pretty bizarre opinions, and a slightly off-kilter view of life. It could be fun and entertaining.
For the first post, I thought I'd start off by introducing myself. I am, of course, Harley Quinn. That's obviously not my real name but, when I was in grade school and started getting really into forensic psychology and thought the Joker was the coolest case study since Nutella (don't think that makes sense but let's just go with it), a few of my more absurd (read: awesome!) friends dubbed me Harley Quinn, even though I am more the pre-crazy Harleen Quinzel. I come with a wonderful fiancé, Heath (for obvious reasons, my friends :) ) and two guinea pigs who misbehave every day. We met at university where we were both studying psychology (him for clinical, me for forensic) and I am lucky enough that he's decided spending the rest of his life with me is not only what he wants to but will be a great adventure (think like Alice in Wonderland adventure here).
Alas, for tonight, I believe this is a good place to end.